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Merman Kuan Yin Strutting by SebastianMerman
Merman Kuan Yin Strutting
This merman is very strong due to the heavy duty he has, he crafts the tridents for merpeople, helps to build houses and sinks ships as well, that is the reason of that promiscuous built body. He doesn't hesitates to be a strutter. That makes him a lethal weapon to lure people to the deadly waters.
Yemanja,Mami Wata,La Siren Y Sebastian Nadando by SebastianMerman
Yemanja,Mami Wata,La Siren Y Sebastian Nadando
Al arribar a las profundidades del Océano nos recibieron los Stomias Boa. Ella empezó a cantar para estimular el nado hacia el fondo del océano.
Yemanja,Mami Wata,La Siren Y Sebastian Brujeria by SebastianMerman
Yemanja,Mami Wata,La Siren Y Sebastian Brujeria
En la madrugada invoque a la Diosa y Reina del mar en el muelle con mi Vudú, ella emergió de las heladas aguas cantando para escuchar mi petición, y yo me arroje al mar con ella.


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hi !
i love merpeople and all what it means,mmm

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KingGianny123 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
How merpeople evolved,are they immortal,how humans evolved/turn into merpeople, what powers merpeople have,how their genetals sex and reproduction works , does they have also a good and love side what happen if a mermaid or merman fall in love with a human?
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Answers to all your questions:
they evolved really fast,yes,maybe if they reborn as merbabies,telepathy,hypnosis,desire,mostly human attraction to them but they are really powerful,same as fish meaning no need to have sex,they are only good and kind to the ocean and all that lives in there same as the environment,humans are only enemies and food to them but make exception with those who are kind with the planet,merpeople reasoning mind works as fish in terms of love behavior,kinda like a punishment from the gods.
KingGianny123 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
When i mean how they evolved I mean from what they evolved !
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
ah,from bird women at greece when they suicide at the ocean they became fish women, mermen came later.
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