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Sebastian Merman Trident Threaten by SebastianMerman
Sebastian Merman Trident Threaten
Once again the merman threatening the humans from destroying the nature. The merman shows his claws and he is ready to pierce his trident in someone head so he can eat.
Fishing A Merman by SebastianMerman
Fishing A Merman
It all started at Hong Kong bay, Lai Ming was fishing normally until eventually a merman was fished in his net. Happily he took his biggest award. Lai Ming and company: Gong Xixiang, Daniel Wu and Lang Lang kept their mouth shut and weren't willing to share this insight. That Merman don't want to know anything of no one.
Kiss Rooms NY Movie Poster by SebastianMerman
Kiss Rooms NY Movie Poster
Full Official Cover for the Movie, exposing all starring characters from the film. KISS with Love Gun or reunion tour outfits, and the style and musical instruments from the Ultra Action Figures by Mcfarlane toys. Ariel & Harry Potter smiling together, Mary Jane, Spider - Man, Barbie, Maite, Tilda and Nancy all posing for the picture. The Beautiful City with all the Skyscrapers seen on the film. A colorful drawing exposing perfectly a bit of everything of this film to be the International Movie Poster.
Kiss Rooms NY Soundtrack Cover by SebastianMerman
Kiss Rooms NY Soundtrack Cover
Cover for the Soundtrack. KISS is drawn with destroyer outfits or psycho circus gear. Inspired by the 24 inches dolls by Art Asylum. Ariel is posing on a beach rock while Harry Potter is ready to cast a spell. Hong Kong, Russian and international skyscrapers are shown.


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hi !
i love merpeople and all what it means,mmm

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KingGianny123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
How merpeople evolved,are they immortal,how humans evolved/turn into merpeople, what powers merpeople have,how their genetals sex and reproduction works , does they have also a good and love side what happen if a mermaid or merman fall in love with a human?
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Answers to all your questions:
they evolved really fast,yes,maybe if they reborn as merbabies,telepathy,hypnosis,desire,mostly human attraction to them but they are really powerful,same as fish meaning no need to have sex,they are only good and kind to the ocean and all that lives in there same as the environment,humans are only enemies and food to them but make exception with those who are kind with the planet,merpeople reasoning mind works as fish in terms of love behavior,kinda like a punishment from the gods.
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