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Man Eating Merpeople -  Sirenas Devoradoras by SebastianMerman
Man Eating Merpeople - Sirenas Devoradoras…
Las sirenas son unos demonios acuáticos feroces y los tritones unos terribles demonios marinos...
Se alimentan de carne humana, todo tipo de algas marinas y rara vez llegan a comer frutas,semillas, granos y verduras y claro esta; litros de agua de mar.Tras recibir la bendición de la diosa del océano, las sirenas de todo el mundo se reúnen como de costumbre para un gran festín, el resultado una gran masa de muerte que continua hasta nuestros días. Ellas cantan y usan su belleza para derramar el veneno de la seducción en los marinos y hacerlos perder la concentración de su viaje, al quedar hipnotizados, una vez logrado el objetivo, el barco choca y son atacados y devorados. Al final solo quedan sus huesos amontonados donde las sirenas se sientan a cantar, admirarse y ejecutar su artimaña infinitamente, ya que son inmortales.

The mermaids are fierce water demons and mermen are terrible sea daemons ... They eat human flesh, all kinds of marine algae and rarely get to eat fruits, seeds, grains and vegetables and of course liters of seawater. After receive the blessing of the goddess of the ocean, merpeople around the world gather as usual for a great feast, the result: a great mass of death that continues to this day. They sing and use their beauty to pour the poison of seduction in sailors and make them lose focus of the trip, being hypnotized, once the target is achieved, the ship crashes and sailors are attacked and eaten. Finally only their bones are piled where mermaids sit to sing, worship themselves and run their ruse infinitely, because they are immortal.
Odiseo y las Sirenas - Odysseus and the Sirens by SebastianMerman
Odiseo y las Sirenas - Odysseus and the Sirens
Representación erronea de la escena de la odisea con sirenas pisciformes en lugar de sirenas aladas.
Misrepresentation of the scene of the odyssey with fish-women instead of bird-women.…


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hi !
i love merpeople and all what it means,mmm

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KingGianny123 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Thanks for the fave!!
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner 6 days ago
thanks to you for all the faves !!!
KingGianny123 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You're welcome!
KingGianny123 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
How merpeople evolved,are they immortal,how humans evolved/turn into merpeople, what powers merpeople have,how their genetals sex and reproduction works , does they have also a good and love side what happen if a mermaid or merman fall in love with a human?
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
Answers to all your questions:
they evolved really fast,yes,maybe if they reborn as merbabies,telepathy,hypnosis,desire,mostly human attraction to them but they are really powerful,same as fish meaning no need to have sex,they are only good and kind to the ocean and all that lives in there same as the environment,humans are only enemies and food to them but make exception with those who are kind with the planet,merpeople reasoning mind works as fish in terms of love behavior,kinda like a punishment from the gods.
KingGianny123 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
When i mean how they evolved I mean from what they evolved !
SebastianMerman Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
ah,from bird women at greece when they suicide at the ocean they became fish women, mermen came later.
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